bookcoverlge‘Believe and trust in your children. But most of all, be kind.’

Parents ask, ‘Why are children so anxious?’, ‘Has my child got autism?’, ‘How do I calm a screaming baby, yelling child or angry teenager?’ and ‘What can I do when my child wants to die?’

Anxiety, autism, ADHD and learning problems make school hard. Depression, self-harm, cyberbullying and eating disorders are part of our complex lives. Stress, busyness and a digital world change parenting.

Parenting is Forever reflects the ongoing conversations of a paediatrician with those who care for children. It is influenced by her experience as a parent and from helping more than 30,000 families over twenty-five years.

Dr Elizabeth Green shares her practical tips for navigating the developmental stages of childhood. From before birth, through early childhood and adolescence to adulthood.

Parenting is not a competition. No parent or child is perfect and that is OK! But if parents are prepared to fail and try again they will become better parents.